The Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Wheelchair accessible vans are a must for anyone with a wheelchair. They make life so much easier and improve mobility and give freedom to the driver. So what are they and what can they accommodate exactly? They are vans that are specifically designed around the very real needs of someone who uses a wheelchair for mobility. It can be very difficult to drive or even get into a vehicle for someone who relies on a wheelchair to get around since most vehicles are not equipped to accommodate people who rely on wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Vans

Wheelchair accessible vans vary, but they all come equipped to accommodate those who rely on a wheelchair. Some have either side access ramps, and others have rear access ramps. Some can even be customized with an Under Vehicle Lift system that is mounted underneath the van and electrically operated outboard roll stop. This feature utilizes hydraulics, and all of the functions can be controlled by a handheld control or remote control. These features make it easy to get in and out of the van.

Many of these vans are equipped with a wheelchair Lift that is normally installed at the side door for easy accessibility. The lift will not block any of the windows, and a longer platform is available to accommodate larger wheelchairs.

Where to Find Them

Where do you find them? Most dealerships carry their very own make and model of wheelchair accommodating vans, and they are fully customizable to the needs of the buyer.

These wheelchair accessible vans make life so much simpler and easier for those who utilize a wheelchair. These vans are also quite stylish and have many great features just like similar vehicles, such as great gas mileage. It is an investment worth making and will help to give freedom and mobility to those in wheelchairs.

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