1. Where can I find handicap vans?

You can find handicap vans at a dealership that specializes in these vehicles or online. Either way, make sure you have a list of features that you are looking for as well as a budget that you want to stay within.

2. Are these vans expensive?

They can be - if you get a customized, brand new one. But you can find low cost handicap vans that are still in great shape and won't break the bank.

3. How long should these vans last?

Each van is unique but they should be good for at least 10 years. If you are purchasing a used vehicle, you an always see if they come with a warranty. Buying a new van will always give the best shot at a long-lasting vehicle.

4. Are they good on gas mileage?

Because these handicap vans are carrying heavy machinery such as chair lifts and ramps, they might not be the best on gas. However, you can find some hybrid or electric options that will help save some money.

5. Where do I go if I want to sell my handicap van?

There are plenty of marketplaces where you can sell your handicap van. You can go to an actual car dealership or you can try to sell it online through a car website. Check out your options before making a decision.

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