US Made SUVs

Pros and Cons of US-made SUVs vs. Foreign SUVs

One of the major questions that most buyers have is whether to go with foreign made SUVs or performance SUVs made in America, when it comes to find out which vehicle to buy. When you look at the best SUVs based on their origin, most of the bestselling vehicles are made by foreign and American manufacturers.

American Made SUVs 

Some of the bestselling SUV brands are Dodge, Ford, Saturn and Jeep which are made in America. American SUVs are supposed to have great aesthetic and appeal. These quality performance SUVs are both attractive and stylish. Most of them also come with huge range of optional amenities and special features to give a wide range of options when it comes to trim vehicles. 

Sadly, there are many American SUVs that have poor rating as compared to foreign vehicles of same kinds when it comes to safety standards. Due to low safety ratings, these high performance vehicles still suffer huge decline in sales. So, you should research on safety ratings when buying any vehicle.

Foreign Made SUVs

Some of the best-selling foreign-made SUVs are made by Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. Generally, the manufacturers produce top quality vehicles which are at par in functionality, safety, and drivability over amenities and design. Generally, these vehicles have great gas mileage and they are rated highly for their drivability.

Sadly, some foreign brands have recently faced unexpected safety issues when it comes to braking systems. But these are still top rated in safety. Some other problems with foreign made SUVs are that they have less space than American made SUVs.

These vehicles often cannot carry as much passengers as US-made ones. They also lack in interior space for luggage and cargo storage as well. In addition, most people prefer American SUVs for aesthetic value. Trim options are also less in foreign SUVs.

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