SUV vs Minivan

Why Select a SUV over a Minivan

SUV and Minivan are vehicles for family use especially when the number of family members is large. To be more precise, Minivans are small vans with seats fitted in the back for passengers. The seats are designed in such a manner that they ensure safety and comfort for the passengers onboard. This vehicle has a capacity for more than five passengers. On the other hand, SUVs are vehicle that is very similar to station wagons. This vehicle is also large in size and can be easily used on rough roads. It has both on-road as well as off-road ability.

What is the right Choice, Minivans or SUVs

Both Minivans and SUVs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before purchasing, most of the people try to learn about the features of SUVs and Minivans. Until the full picture of  SUVs vs Minivans is understood, it is better not to make any final decision. The choice of vehicles mainly depends on personal taste and preference, requirements, and budget of the buyer.

With a perfect cargo capacity, the Minivan can be a good choice for going out with a family. On the other hand, many people want the added style of an SUV. The reasons of selecting a big SUV car over Minivan are:

  • While Minivans have greater carrying capacity, SUVs have double the towing capacity of Minivans. The truck-based models of SUV are mainly utilized for the purpose of heavy usage while the light SUVs are suitable for towing duties.
  • The sporty SUV exhibits great performance along with great handling. Its suspension and alloy wheels provide it with enhanced prowess in handling.

The other two most important reasons for buying an SUV is that it provides unparalleled performance on unpaved roads with a selected system of traction management for driving in different weather conditions like snow, sand, and mud.

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