Police Auto Auctions

Cars are expensive, especially if you don't know where to look. Luckily, police hold auctions to sell cars that were seized for a number of possible reasons. All you need to know is that the vehicle is now for sale, and it is going to be much cheaper than the retail value.

What Types Of Cars Are At Auctions?

Police auto auctions are a great place to get old police vehicles or vehicles that were impounded by the police. Most of the time you won't know why the police seized the vehicle, but there are standards. You will not find a car still splattered with blood stains from a murder. Usually, cars are taken in and auctioned off for things like driving on a suspended or getting a DUI.

Most of the cars will have a history of sorts. Most will be a couple of years old and have some miles. These cars will go for every cheap, but you will need to check the vehicles for damage thoroughly. However, you can find newer cars for very cheap as well. There aren't only cars, either! You can find trucks, motorcycles, and all types of confiscated vehicles.

Where Do I Find Police Car Auctions?

The best way to find a car auction is to search online for police car auctions in your area. There will be plenty of information on when and where any auctions will be. Most of the time, you'll even be able to see the cars being auctioned. You can see if there is a car you want to bid on before you even get to the auction. Govsales.gov is also a good resource to fins upcoming auctions and what cars are available.

What Is The Process Like?

Just like any auction, you have time to examine the items before the auction starts. Once the auction is ready to begin, the auctioneer will provide a starting price and people will bid until the auction is over. Some of the older cars aren't worth much so be careful not to pay more than the car is worth!

Tips Before Buying

1. Examine the car as much as possible. You probably can't test-drive the vehicle, but you can turn it on and make sure everything works. Check for any stains, smoke, or weird noises. If you don't know a lot about cars, bring someone with you. Even at a police auction, you're still buying a used vehicle, and you need to give it a proper look-over.
2. When buying an old cop car, it's important to remember that the mileage might not tell you everything that you need to know. Many cop cars are left running at idle even if they aren't being driven. This can still cause significant strain on the vehicle. Don't check the mileage- check the hour meter. This will tell you how long the car has been running.
3. Check the VIN on the body of the car to ensure that the vehicle did not have significant body damage to it at some point. Obviously, use the VIN to check the CarFax as well.

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