Benefits Of Owning A Mobility Van

There is some useful information out there for someone who is interested in purchasing a mobility van should be aware of. There are many wheelchair users out there who are afraid to switch from the car that they currently have to a mobility vehicle. Although cars are typically less expensive to own than wheelchair vans, there are many benefits that come along with owning a mobility van. 

Wheelchair users and their care givers who use a car to get around often have to go through the struggles of transfers as well as chair loading and unloading. After a while this type of thing can lead to back pain as well has shoulder pain for those who are making the transfer, this can be physically demanding at times. For those who use a car to get around, frequent transfers can often lead to a lot of pain and fatigue as well. Getting close enough to a car to make a transfer can be difficult, especially if the car's height does not match up with the height of the wheelchair. 

Dealing with this can put a lot of strain on necks, shoulders and backs we well. This type of thing can eventually lead to arthritis, joint pain and even tendinitis. Once one of those conditions happens then it could lead the caregiver to not being able to do activities that they once could. Wheelchair accessible vans however use a ramp to transfer, which saves a lot of strain on the caregiver and makes it to where they don't even have to load the wheelchair because it is rolled into the van by the ramp. 

Being in a wheelchair-accessible van makes it easier for transfers once the wheelchair is up the ramp because it allows the wheelchair to roll right up to the car seat making it a much easier transfer than for someone who has to go through the process of transferring in and out of a car. While driving a mobility van may not be the most stylish thing, users can expect to be saved a lot of strain from the process of transferring those in a wheelchair in and out of their vehicle.

Being able to transfer easier and not have to deal with the struggles of transferring make a big difference when deciding whether or not to purchase a mobility van or to continue using a car. For those who may be looking into purchasing a mobility van, it would be helpful to know that there are plenty of financing options that are available as well. 

Handicap vans can tend to be a little more expensive than a lot of cars out there but having the ability to make much easier transfers goes a long way in helping make transfers easier and saving a lot of strain on the person in the wheelchair and also for their caregiver. There are also government funded programs out there available to help those who are in need of a mobility van. Some of those programs include Workers Compensation, Vocational Rehabilitation and Medicaid Waivers are options that are available to help for those who are in need of assistance on the financial part of owning a mobility van.

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