Bargain Handicap Vans: New & Used Options

What is a handicap van? This is a common question that often crosses the minds of many people or something that they may have wondered about from time to time. Handicap vans are special vehicles that are made for wheelchairs and those with mobility issues. There are many different options for handicap accessible vehicles. The most popular type would be the wheelchair accessible minivan. This type of vehicle is modified to allow a wheelchair to directly drive into the minivan. The minivan has a dropped floor for easy entry and exit. The front seats are removable for convenience and to allow a safe drive in the front passenger area.

When purchasing a handicap van or renting one, the biggest concern is often should a wheelchair ramp or a wheelchair lift be used. There are pros and cons to each of these features. What is a wheelchair ramp? The best way to describe a wheelchair ramp is when a handicap van has a special floor which is lower than regular vans which allows the user to enter the vehicle and exit safely. 

Most vans come with a wheelchair ramp combined with a kneeling system that allows the user to lower the van. When the van is lowered this causes a reduce in the angle of the ramp. When looking for a wheelchair ramp there are different styles that can be chosen from. In addition to these types of ramps, each ramp can also be equipped with the ability to have a manual or have a power conversion capability. A power wheelchair is operated by a remote or there can be a switch that is conveniently located on the side of the door. When deciding on a wheelchair ramp it is important to think about day-to-day activities to find the ramp that is most useful.

Learning About Affordable Handicap Vans 

The wheelchair lift is a mechanical device that is used to raise a person in a wheelchair effortlessly into their vehicle. When deciding on a wheelchair lift there are five different types of lifts that are available to the user. The first type is a hydraulic lift and this is the most common type of lift. These wheelchair lifts allow for heavier construction as well as a higher lift. The second type is a cassette lift. This is the most simplest lift that is offered as it slides out from under the handicap van. The third type is an electric lift. This lift specializes for lighter construction and a lighter lift. The fourth type is a vertical folding. With a push of a button this lift folds out allowing the user to enter the vehicle. The last type of lift is the platform wheelchair lift. When looking for a wheelchair lift this is the go to model and most basic model. Finding the right affordable handicap van doesn't have to be difficult. You can find accessible vans that are used starting at $1200. These vans can be equipped with ramps, lifts and more - it is up to you to decide on what you need.

There are many tips for buying or renting a handicap van. First and foremost a list will need to be created of the features that are a necessity and then features that are a want. It is important that the handicap van is most productive to the needs of the user and accommodations that the user wants to also be included. Have a budget, and stick to it as there are many options available with financing. Rent the vehicle before you buy the vehicle. Take into consideration if there is a large family how everyone would be transported comfortably. Lastly, think about the equipment that will be transported and if it going to change over time to avoid space being to tight.

Choosing The Right Van

In addition to picking out the perfect handicap van, there are handicap van laws that the vehicle is required to meet. Some of the requirements that the American Disabilities Act put in place is that the lift door height has to be 56 inches high. The handicap lift has to be 30 inches by 40 inches wide for the platform. The wheelchair attachments have to be able to withstand 2,500 pounds of pressure on each leg. The seat belt has to have a four point tie down with a lap and shoulder belt. The interior lighting has to have at least one foot of illumination. These are extremely important so that the user is riding safely and when exiting and entering the vehicle they are not injured.

Another common question is where can you find them? Once the type of handicap van is picked out to perfection, you can purchase them at Mobility Works which is the most popular. Some handicap vans are sold by owner while others are sold at various van stores that specialize in these vehicles. In some situations a van can be modified to have handicap access installed into the vehicle instead of purchasing a new vehicle. What is a handicap van? It is a way of life for people so that they can be transported seamlessly and enjoy life the best they can.

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