Handicap Vans

Most mobility equipment and handicap vans are in-stock and available. Modern electronics and hydraulics have made getting in and out of your handicap van or mobility vehicle a breeze with only a push of the button. The wheelchair vans have become much more reliable, safe, longer lasting and more comfortable. With warranties and quality of our wheelchair vans matching the original vans, you can be confident you are getting the best, most reliable and longest lasting van available. If you’re searching for adaptive equipment then you’ve come to the right place! We want your life to be easier so we offer handicap vans for any type of person no matter what your handicap.

We sell new and used handicap vans that are wheelchair accessible. We strive to provide handicap vans that are safe, affordable, and easy to use to make this process as simple and easy as possible. We also offer certified pre-owned handicap vans. They all come with the highest rated federal safety standards so you know you’ll be protected. Handicap vans can be expensive so be sure to look in to reimbursement programs. They can save you more than a thousand dollars! Depending on the state, up to $1000 is reimbursed to you to help pay for scooter lifts, hand controls, van conversions, wheelchair lifts, and other adaptive equipment.

Many prominent auto makers offer reimbursements when you buy or lease a new vehicle. These automakers are GM, Saturn, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar, Volkswagen, and many more. This reimbursement is only for installing adaptive equipment. With all these auto makers it would be hard not to save money.

All of our new handicap vans come with many advanced and innovative features that are designed to make your life easier and get you to where you want to go! These features include:

Wheelchair Ramp: Getting in to a vehicle is incredibly difficult without the use of a wheelchair ramp. We want to make your life easier so we put a wheelchair ramp on every new handicap van! The lightweight ramp folds out to allow easier access to your vehicle. The ramp comes with a skid resistant finish to add extra traction.

Auto Kneel: Have you ever had a hard time rolling yourself up a steep slope? Well now you don’t have to do that with your car! Auto kneel makes it so that the new handicap van automatically kneels down to make getting inside easier. This reduces the height of the slope of the wheelchair ramp to make it easier to get in. This makes entering your new handicap van easier than ever before.

Auto Door: Opening doors are a difficult thing to do when you’re in a wheelchair but now you don’t have to worry about that with your new handicap van. You can open the door with the ease of pressing a button. You can open it either with your key chain or from the drivers seat.

Removable Seats: We allow removable seats to give you the freedom to use your new handicap van however you see fit. If you want you can even drive from your wheelchair with our new easily removable seats. All you have to do is activate the easy to use slide mechanism and the chairs just slide right on out. To reinstall them you just slide them right back in. It’s that easy.

Wheelchair Vans

We also sell both new and used wheelchair vans, power wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters and vehicle lifts. Once you choose your wheelchair van. We customize your van to fit your disability. We can install a variety of reduced effort driving controls, as well as car and automobile driving hand controls, electric transfer seats, and electric lock downs for your power chairs and scooters.

We want to help you with purchasing low cost used handicap vans all across the United States. Our online inventory is available 24 hours a day, so shop for your handicap vehicle when you have time. All new and used wheelchair accessible vans in our inventory can be delivered right to your home or office with white glove service included (delivery fees may apply). All used handicap vans are always backed by an incredible warranty.

Used Handicap Vans

We want to offer you great handicap vehicles at every price point to make owning a handicap van affordable. Our certified used handicap vans go through a rigorous 250 point inspection to make sure that you’re getting the very best used handicap van. With the largest selection of used handicap vans in the nation we have the used handicap van that will be perfect according to your handicap, your wallet, and will give you the freedom to go where you want. We offer you the biggest selection of used handicap vans in the nation. Our selection includes vans that we bought from people just like you or that have been traded in for another handicap van. In order to be positive that we offer you a great value, we go through a rigorous 250 point inspection on each and every certified used handicap van that we get. That way you know you’re getting a safe used handicap van at an affordable price. Whatever your handicap needs, we have a certified used handicap van that will meet those needs. Whether you need an easy to use lift, a durable ramp, auto open doors, or removable seats we have used handicap vans that have all those features or any combination of those features so you can get whatever you need.


We don’t want to break the bank with something that is necessary for moving around. We offer to work with you in order to get the mobility equipment you need at a price point that will work for you. We offer to work with your insurance company or medicare to get you the best deal possible. We also offer long term payment plans to get you started right away. No matter what your financial situation we can help you get the mobility equipment you need.

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