Finding a Car Auction

Someone once surmised that a person cannot buy happiness per se, but they can purchase cars and this is invariably the same thing! Cars make people happy, especially beautiful cars. Statistics show there are approximately one billion cars that are being operated every day on the planet and out of that number, 165,000 more are being manufactured on a daily basis. 

Everyone loves that new car smell! It is actually a little known and interesting fact that the aforementioned new car smell is composed of over fifty different amalgamations that make-up the interior. That being said, when an individual is looking to purchase a new vehicle, a great source that is popular with many people are auto auctions. Car auctions are a way of vending new or used vehicles via car dealers. Collector vehicles that are sold at popular car auctions has become over a billion dollar trade industry these days. 

Car auctions can be virtually found in every state all over America and some are being offered online even, such as EBay. The biggest advantage to purchasing a vehicle at an auto auction is that they are in general, considerably cheaper. Below is a look at some of the most popular car auctions in the industry.

• Barrett-Jackson Auto

Barrett-Jackson has been in operation for the past 46 years and has an extensive following of car enthusiasts from all over the United States. They operate in four different states including Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Connecticut. Barrett-Jackson auto events are usually televised due to the rare and beautiful cars that they both manufacture and sell and they have oftentimes been a regular feature on the Discovery Channel. Many public figures and movie stars can be found at their auction events.

• Mecum Auctions

The Mecum auction company is recognized as an industry leader for all kinds of automotive including motorcycles, collector vehicles, vintage and antique cars. With over thirty years in business, Mecum has earned a stellar reputation for having some of the nicest automotives among their constituents. They have significantly grown throughout the years and have won many noted accolades including being ranked number one for having the most venues per year and having the largest collection in stock.

• Bonhams

Bonham’s is one of the oldest car auction houses in the world. They operate out of Britain. They were established in 1793 and have worked, since inception, on an international basis. Bonham’s hosts approximately 400 auctions on an annual basis and in three countries including the Unites States, London and Hong Kong.

• Russo and Steele

Russo and Steele were established in 2001 and offer a unique variety of racers, stock cars, collector varieties and custom automobiles. Russo and Steele host some of the most exciting car auction events around with a custom approach to the bidding process. Vehicles that are being auctioned line up through the middle of an arena, one by one, and all of the ticket holders, sellers and bidders come together to participate in the festivities.

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