Deals on Cars

Public car auctions can be some of the best places to find a steal of a deal on vehicles as long as a person is looking to get a used car. That is what most of the sellers offer at these venues: used and salvage vehicles. Just because a car is used doesn't mean that you can't find a high quality vehicle at a low price.

Getting a Deal

Car auctions are relatively unknown, or at least unused, by a majority of the public. This may be because they are looking for newer models, or it can be that the perceived hassle of it all may be too much. The auction system is like any other where bids are taken, and then the person who bids the highest amount is sold the vehicle for that offering price. 

The reason that these prices can often be well below what one would expect to pay from other sources is that of the fact that financial firms use them as a way to offload their returns when people do not make payments on time. Also, a rental company might have older models that they want to get rid of in order to upgrade their fleet, and repos or seizures are also to be found at these public car auctions. 

Salvaged Cars

Salvaged or totaled vehicles are another niche where those who fix cars can find vehicles to use for parts and such. There are all sorts of local auctions in many states nowadays, and it just takes a little research to find out where to go in order to check into these bargains.

Public car auctions online are also another emerging market that has been flourishing somewhat ever since Ebay emerged on the internet. There it is possible to look for cars nationwide and globally, or one can limit the search to a local radius so that candidate cars can be seen in person in order to verify their legitimacy and the mechanical condition via an in-person inspection. 

There are many others in this business besides just Ebay, and there is usually some type of fee to be paid for selling or purchasing, but the price can still be well below retail in most areas. One can practically shop from home while waiting for a vehicle of interest to become available in the price range that suits them. There is a list of top online auto auctions here.

The names include:

  • Auto Auction USA
  • Salvage Bid
  • Smart Auction
  • OVE
  • Adesa
  • Ebay
  • Autotrader

The key is to look around to find public auto auctions since many cater only to licensed dealers. Just be careful to look thoroughly at the car and reviews of the seller if possible since the vehicles will be sold as-is in most states without any type of warranty should something go wrong. With some effort these places can save hundreds or even thousands on a vehicle purchase.

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