Available Options For Custom Handicap Vans

Custom handicap vans are also called wheelchair vans and the personalization available is necessary for many individuals to be able to drive or safely ride in a vehicle. When the purchase of a new van is made the available options, benefits, and features are explained so everyone has the exact features they require.

Custom Vans

Most custom handicap vans have a minimum of 56 inches of space between the ceiling and the floor. The floors are reinforced and the conversions are difficult to see from the outside. Many individuals qualify for financial assistance when making a purchase. Since the vans are individually customized there is no need to pay for any features not necessary for the individual.

One of the most important considerations is how you can customize your van to your needs. The customization begins with a numerous choice of colors including the interior color and the material of the seats. Floor ramps are available as a slide out built into the floor or a folding ramp that unfolds until it reaches the ground. The built-in ramp is more discreet and does disappear once back inside the van.

Chair Lifts

Lifts are available in a single or double post. The single works best with lowered floors and raised roofs with a 600-pound capacity. The double can be used for lowered floors or raised roof conversions and the weight capacity is greater. This option is only available on a full-sized handicap van.

There are three options to secure a wheelchair. This includes the power tie-down, the retractable tie-down, and the manual tie-down. The retractable and manual are intended for the rear passenger areas only. The power tie-down is accessible anywhere in the van and is the only option enabling an individual to drive the vehicle in a wheelchair. When this option is selected there are choices in steering options including hand controlled steering.