The Benefits of Owning a Conversion Van

Conversion vans have many benefits. So what are they and what are they used for exactly? Conversion vans are basically a van and SUV all in one vehicle. They offer plenty of room to accommodate large families and can even be customized to specific needs. They can also be customized to accommodate wheelchair access which is why a lot of people with disabilities use them.

What Are They?

These types of vans are fairly affordable, and they are a bargain considering the size and amount of space that they have to offer. They also get great gas mileage and even better than some vans and SUVs. Some of them have even gotten EPA highway/city ratings of 20/16.

These vans are very easy to drive and pass the quality and safety tests. So where do you find them? Since they are produced by CVMA member companies, they are sold through GM dealers.

Having a van equipped to handle disabled or handicapped passengers offers freedom and mobility that is just not possible with any other vehicle. It is a solution for a very real issue with many people. A conversion van can even be equipped with a ramp for easy entry, or allow the driver to remain in their wheelchair while driving.

Owning a conversion van is a great investment. It will offer the room needed, and it will be possible to do so much more. Owning a wheelchair accessible or handicap van offers greater independence and convenience. It will also reduce pain and fatigue caused by having to make due with a vehicle that just is not built or equipped to handle the challenges of having disabilities. Having this type of van can make life much easier and less stressful for the caretaker and the disabled and is well worth the investment.

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