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Cheap Handicap Vans For Sale

Handicap vans do not have to be expensive. When it comes to transporting those who are disabled or elderly, there are many cheap, low cost handicap vans to choose from. Some models that are available for handicap accessibility are Dodge Grand Caravans, Chrysler Town and Country as well as larger vans.
The cost of the handicap van is going to differ by the type of wheelchair van you want. Wheelchair vans that are side entry are cheaper than independent wheelchair vans. These vans are equipped with interior and exterior controls. The van is made to have a non-slip extended ramp as well as transfer seats as an option. Hand controls that are on the steering column will allow for a wheelchair to not interfere with typical driving.
Handicap vans can be used by individuals, churches, respite homes, nursing homes and even medical transporters. The handicap van that has rear entry will allow for more than one wheelchair to be in the van at once.

Multiple Options For Handicap Vans

Handicap vans can be equipped with a number of different options to choose from. One option that people opt for when selecting low cost handicap vans is automatic opening doors. Auto doors are available to help those who have difficulty opening doors on their own. The option to open the door is done with keyless entry through a remote or from the inside of the vehicle in the drivers seat side.
A prime option to choose from is removable seats. The seats are able to be removed to allow for freedom to drive themselves or to allow for other to drive for them. There is a slide mechanism which slides allowing for the seat to be removed and reinstalled. It is simple to use.
One practical need is auto kneel. This is for individuals who have a difficult time rolling themselves up the ramp and into the car. The van will instead automatically kneel down to make it far easier to get inside the van independently. The height of the slope is decreased which eases the individual to be more independent when moving around without assistance.
There are numerous advances being made in technology for handicap vans and the features that they have are designed to allow for life to be easier on you when trying to get someplace you want to go.

Used Handicap Vans

Used handicap vans are widely available to choose from no matter where you live. There is a number of handicap vans available with a variety of features and options to choose from. The cost of used handicap vans is less than the cost of new ones however the features might be more limited for users when purchasing used. If you are searching for a specific make and model, try locating used cars in your area and compare to new to see if the difference is enough for you to decide which way to go.

Top 2020 Handicap Vans & Pricing

1. Dodge Caravan - The Dodge Caravan wheelchair accessible van averages around $43,000. It includes rear entry and side entry options. This has been voted the best overall.
2. Chrysler Pacifica - The Chrysler Pacifica wheelchair van is a little higher with an average cost of around $50,000. The Pacifica has features such as rear entry, side entry options and a blind spot monitor. This has been ranked second overall among wheelchair vans.
3. Toyota Sienna - The Toyota Sienna is among the most expensive wheelchair vans ranging in price around $57,000 - $58,000 depending on the dealership. The Sienna has rear entry as well power seats and a blind spot monitor. 
4. Honda Odyssey - The Honda Odyssey can range in price from $60,000 - $67,000 depending on the features chosen. The Odyssey includes an in floor power ramp. 
5. Ford Transit - The Ford Transit does not include a sporty style like most other wheelchair vans. The Transit ranges in price from $65,000 - $68,000 depending on the features included. It includes a reverse park aid and backup camera for easier maneuvering.

Each handicap van includes various features. It is best to shop around before choosing one.

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