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Planning to travel soon? Regardless of the destination, it might be a good idea to consider looking at the various car rental options available. Deciding on that perfect car rental for a trip can be tough and can vary widely depending on what one might need. Finding a cheap car rental deal might require a bit of extra online research. There are many great companies out there willing to provide you with the best car rental deals available, so the more time spent browsing those great car rental prices, the better the chance of finding the best car rental deal.

Where to look for a Car Rental?

Some of the most important things to look for in a car rental depend on what you need the rental for, be it a romantic getaway driving up and down the California’s coast or commuting for a very important business trip. Location is important depending on travel needs. One may ask, “where is there a car rental near me?”. The solution is easy, just go online and find a car rental enterprise near you. It is easy to find place to rent a car and there are many fantastic businesses looking to provide a customer with exactly what they want. Whether looking for a compact simple car rental or an exotic car rental, finding that perfect ride has never been easier.

If it is difficult finding the right car rental service, consider these car rental options. They are well known and established business that have shown outstanding results and are geared to provide quality cars, rental promotions, reliable car insurance options, and the best customer service experience.

The Top 5 Car Rental Companies

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the most well-known car rental company across the nation. Enterprise car rental was founded in 1957. It is now an international car rental company that exists in over 85 countries. They have a rewards program for repeat customers who can earn free car rentals. For those looking at one way traveling, enterprise car rentals also offer other drop-off locations for a small fee. This is an ideal option if someone needs to drive to a specific different location and fly out from a place nearby.

Budget Car Rental

Budget Rent a Car has been around even longer than enterprise and is the go-to place for some of the best car rental deals. They constantly have new offers depending on the season, special event, or anniversary. If there is time to plan ahead, a Budget car rental is the way to go. Applying a deal to an online booking is easy and they even have options for renting larger trucks for moving boxes, furniture, or any large household relocations. Budget car rental locations are often found at airports, near large train stations, and popular traveling ports. Their goal is to provide great cars to customers who are value minded. Get a Budget car rental to get the best bang for the buck.

National Car Rental

For those looking for a sleeker, convenient, and more elegant car service, National is among the top car rental providers. Their car rental business is designed to have a wide selection of vehicles available at a moment’s notice. This is a businessman or businesswoman’s dream, to get a car faster and more conveniently without having to shop around. National is also part of Enterprise Holdings, the same company that owns Enterprise Rent-A-Car. With such a large company backing, renters can be assured that they will receive quality car rental services to ensure repeat customers. National provides convenience above everyone else. If another reservation falls through be sure to consider National Car Rental.

Avis Car Rental

Another great car rental company is Avis. The main focus of Avis is to build up customer loyalty with excellent service. Their loyalty program is unmatched for customers that choose Avis as their main car rental service. This option is an all-around good choice for those who own a business and use car rentals frequently. Consider Avis a good alternative to National. Avis aims to please their customers with top notch rental cars whether a reservation is made in advance or an hour before pickup.

Hertz Car Rental

One of the oldest car rental services in the world is Hertz. Hertz is part of a larger global company that also owns Thrifty and Dollar, both excellent car rental services. Hertz prides itself on being one of the most international car rental service. If unsure as to whether or not a car rental service is available in a country, finding a Hertz car rental location is the best bet. With around 10,200 corporate and franchise locations across the globe this is the international car rental superstar.

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