Finding the Best Car Insurance

Before purchasing car insurance, you must consider a number of factors that include the type of car you have, driving record and the amount of money you wanting to spend on coverage. Understanding the basics of car insurance will give you the confidence you need when deciding on a car insurance policy. For starters, you need to know about the main types of car insurance types.

1. Liability - This type of coverage pays for the accidental bodily injuries and vehicle damages of the other person. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This also pays for defense and court costs. The law determines how much liability you can purchase but you can always add more coverage than the required.

2. Collision - This pays for damages done to your car done by another vehicle or object.

3. Comprehensive - The types of damages comprehensive insurance covers include loss caused by fire, wind, hail, flood, vandalism or theft. Collision and comprehensive are usually sold as a pack that include a deductible. Most insurance companies offer combinations that will include medical coverage and PIP (Personal Injury Protection). Depending on your state, each requires a minimum amount of insurance but that's not always what you should purchase. In order to effectively select coverage you must know your state laws, check out options, your budget, know what your vehicle requires, and know about other car insurance providers. If you’re thinking about leasing a car, the leasing company might also require you to have “gap” insurance. If your leased car is totally damage, gap insurance pays the difference between the claim check for the car’s value and the amount you owe on the lease. Usually the cost of the gap insurance will already be included as part of the lease. 

Top 4 Best Rated Car Insurance Providers

We have compared and rated 4 of the biggest and most popular car insurance providers.

1. Geico has been widely known in the car insurance market due to their tackle on advertising. Who hasn't seen a Geico commercial? Geico is also known to be among the cheapest to their reach. If you have good credit and no moving violations, Geico car insurance is for you.

2. State Farm is the runner up for drivers with good credit. State Farm is favored over Geico when it comes to one at-fault accidents.

3. Progressive is also big in the advertising world making them probably the most well-known car insurance provider. Your rates will depend on where you live, some states saw the lowest rates for good drivers, more so than Geico and State Farm.

4. AllState is another highly rated car insurance provider due to their leniency with drivers that have bad credit. They offer affordable rates for almost everyone

A good thing to consider when choosing the right car insurance for you is to look at customer satisfaction reviews and complaints.

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