Best Car Warranty Services

When you get your new vehicle, it comes with a warranty on certain parts of the car. This protects you from paying out of pocket if something major were to stop your vehicle from operating fully. You need one so that you are not stuck paying the high cost of the repair. Let’s say you have a transmission issue. If it is covered by a warranty, you don’t have to come out of pocket for it. Transmissions can cost an upwards of $900 to almost $6,000 depending on the type of vehicle you have. If you had that type of money laying around, you wouldn't need the warranty.

There are two different types of car warranties. You have the one you get when you leave the parking lot with your new vehicle which may be good for three to 10 years depending on the dealership you buy from. Then you have the extended car warranty that you pay for yourself when the other warranty is no longer valid. There are several extended warranty vehicle companies you can look at and compare to see who would have the best coverage and rate to help ease your wallet a bit. You would have to call or go online to get a quote after looking at what they cover and how many miles that your car has to be under to qualify. Once you have gotten that together you can get a quote and see if it will fit in your budget. If it does, then you can get the extra coverage you need so when your other vehicle warranty expires, you are not left without protection. To give an example of an extended car warranty company, we will look at least two companies that come to mind.


If your vehicle is under 10 years old and the mileage is under 150,000, Endurance can help you. There are four plans and regardless to which one you choose, you can get reliable 24-hour roadside assistance. Your monthly payment is factored by the mileage, age, and how the vehicle is used. You can get certain plans with exclusions if you need a cheaper premium payment, but considering that it covers everything major on your vehicle, why would you want to?


If you buy a used vehicle with a warranty that expires in three months to a year, you will want to get Trustmark. Your coverage starts the same day you pay for it, and you can get a rental car while your vehicle is being serviced. It doesn’t matter where you go to get your car fixed because the company will pay for the claim by sending them the money needed directly. Plus, you get free towing of up to 150 miles.

So here you have two good extended car warranty companies that offer you service for both used and new vehicles. You can rest easy knowing that you are covered for major unexpected repairs. Choose your car warranties wisely.